Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI) - GRI -100 Equivalency Examination

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Product Overview

This examination represents an opportunity to satisfy the requirements of the GRI 100 course without having to go through the entire course. Satisfactory completion of the exam indicates that you have the experience, other National Association of REALTORS® classes, pre-licensure courses and/or company training programs that provided you the competency necessary to compete in the marketplace.
The GRI designation is a NAR designation offered and conferred by the State Associations. No yearly dues are required for this NAR designation. You must maintain your membership in the Local, State and National Association of REALTORS® in order to hold the GRI designation.
The new updated GRI 200 courses are now available live in the classroom. If you have not completed any GRI courses previously you will need to complete the GRI 100 Equivalency Exam and the GRI 200 live classroom course to achieve the GRI designation.
Examination topics:
  1. Residential Construction
  2. Ethics: Measure of Professionalism
  3. Antitrust
  4. Agency Laws, Duties and Disclosures
  5. Fair Housing
  6. Sales and Marketing
  7. Environmental Issues: Discovery & Disclosure
Your GRI 100 certificate will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the examination.
If you have successfully completed the GRI 100 examination and this is your last course you will be required to submit a one-time designation fee of $50. You will then be entered into the NAR database as holding the GRI designation.