e-Pro® Certification Program

NAR’s e-Pro® certification program was developed through a partnership of the National Association of REALTORS® and the Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI) to help real estate professionals broaden their technology skills and compete effectively in today’s market.

The program consists of two components (Day 1 and Day 2).

Day 1 teaches high-level digital marketing theory. Learners examine the life cycle of a lead, from capturing prospects online through to lead nurturance and management using a contact or customer relationship system to communicate and transact business.

Day 2 addresses new and emerging digital formats (photo, videos, and audio) that support online marketing and client communication. Operating a virtual office using cloud computing tools is also covered. The effective use of social networks is discussed in detail.

After completing the e-PRO® curriculum, the learner will be able to develop a comprehensive and compliant ongoing plan to implement digital marketing principles for attainment of business and professional goals.

How to earn e-Pro® certification:

  • Complete e-Pro® Day 1 course and exam in classroom or online as part of the bundle
  • Complete e-Pro® Day 2 course and exam online
  • Submit application and one-time application fee of $110.50
  • Be a member in good standing in NAR (or NAR cooperating international association)

Additional details:

  • No annual certification dues (except for maintained membership in NAR) required.
  • Elective or credit toward the ABR®, SRS and PMN designations.
  • Additional and timely technology training available for REALTORS® through NAR’s Tech Edge one-day conference events.

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e-PRO® Day 1/Day 2 Bundle Canadian Edition
$ 219.00 On sale for: $ 164.25  12.00 Hour(s)
e-PRO® Day 2 Canadian Edition
$ 129.00 On sale for: $ 96.75  6.00 Hour(s)
NAR’s e-PRO® Certification Course
$ 219.00 On sale for: $ 164.25  12.00 Hour(s)