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Expanding Housing Opportunities

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Duration:  3.00  Hour(s)
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Provider:  National Association of REALTORS®
Continuing Education Credits Available

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Product Overview

In cities across the United States, real estate professionals like you are learning how to help families find homes they can afford. Savvy real estate professionals are looking beyond their traditional client bases toward working families and first-time buyers. They are forming partnerships with government agencies and nonprofits. They are adapting existing programs to meet the needs of specific communities. And they are developing relationships to help their clients cope with personal challenges. And in community after community, they are succeeding.

Expanding Housing Opportunities educates students on the range of affordable housing opportunities and the clients seeking them.

Through this class you will:

  • Learn how affordability affects the market, your clients, your business, and the community.
  • Analyze affordable financing options—at local, state, and federal levels—and assistance programs for buyers and renters.
  • Discover how to build alliances to expand housing opportunities through advocacy, workforce housing initiatives, and green building concepts.

This course teaches you how to build partnerships in your practice. You’ll learn how to develop relationships with housing counselors, non-profit organizations, lenders, and governmental agencies and officials. These partnerships will open new avenues to affordability. Most important, you’ll partner with your clients more effectively than before as you find the services and opportunities that are right for them. Vital to your ability to establish new partnerships will be your understanding of the issues, programs, and opportunities surrounding affordable housing today. By the end of the course, you’ll understand what makes these partnerships work.

Provider Overview

The National Association of REALTORS®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association representing 1 million members involved in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate industries.

Content for this course was provided by NAR’s Housing Opportunity Program, which offers programs, grants, trainings, and resources that help NAR’s members expand housing availability and ensures an adequate supply of rental housing and home ownership opportunities in communities.

System Requirements

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Product Expiration

You will have access to your course for 12 months from the date of purchase. After one year, the course will expire. No extensions will be given after the course expires; if you do not complete the course during the 12-month timeframe, you will need to repurchase it at full price and start again at the beginning.

Continuing Education Information

  • If your state is listed below:
    • The CE Shop manages the CE credit program for most of the Center for REALTOR® Development courses. If your state is listed as approved for CE Credit, the CE credit, for the number of hours indicated, is automatically included at no additional charge. After a course is completed, you will be prompted to complete the remaining steps to earn your CE Credit (complete survey and digital signature). If for some reason you do not complete those steps immediately you can get to those steps in few ways:
      • you will receive an email from The CE Shop linking to those steps
      • they are linked from the My Learning page under the course title box
      • you can simply login at The CE Shop site to access a copy of your certificate at
    • If you are experiencing CE issues please contact CE Shop toll free at 1.888.827.0777 or
  • If your state is not listed below, you may take the course and benefit from the knowledge and enhanced professionalism, but you will not receive CE credit.
  • For additional important details related to courses with CE credit, visit the "CE CREDIT" section of our FAQ.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the hours indicated below fulfill elective credit requirements.

Alabama The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
California The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Connecticut The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Delaware The CE Shop Inc.
Note: Effective 4.7.2016, Delaware has reduced CE to 3h. Any completions on or after this date will be awarded with 3h CE.
3 $0.00
Florida The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Georgia The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Hawaii The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Illinois The CE Shop Inc.
Note: Final exam is proctored.
3 $0.00
Indiana The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Iowa The CE Shop Inc.
Note: This course must be completed within 6 months in order to qualify for CE credit in this state.
3 $0.00
Kansas The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Kentucky The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Maine The CE Shop Inc. 2 $0.00
Michigan The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Minnesota The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Mississippi The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Missouri The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Montana The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Nebraska The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Nevada The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
New Jersey The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
New York The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
North Dakota The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Ohio For CE approved courses in Ohio, go to
Oregon The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Pennsylvania The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Rhode Island The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
South Carolina The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
South Dakota The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Tennessee The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Texas The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Utah The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Vermont The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Virginia The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Washington The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Washington, DC The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00
Wyoming The CE Shop Inc. 3 $0.00

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