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CIPS - Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools Course
Duration:  6.00  Hour(s)
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Provider:  National Association of REALTORS®
Product Type:  Online Course
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Price: $147.00 (CAD) 


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Product Overview

The Global Real Estate: Transaction Tools CIPS course is one of the two core courses required for U.S. real estate professionals to earn the Certified International property Specialist (CIPS) designation. This course introduces real estate professionals to the tools needed to present investment information to global clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Research foreign and hometown markets and compile dossiers of market information.
  • Convert measurements between the metric system and U.S. system of measurements.
  • Alert clients and customers to currency, fund transfer, and financing issues, and guide them to seek expert advice.
  • Alert foreign clients and customers to tax considerations of real estate transactions.
  • Begin to perform basic financial analysis using standard formulas.
  • Compile, organize, and present financial data so that clients can make informed decisions.
  • Identify properties that meet the personal and investment objectives of clients and customers.

For additional information on earning the CIPS designation, please visit

Provider Overview

The CIPS designation is awarded by NAR's Member Development Team to REALTORS® who complete the coursework and meet the practical experience criteria that demonstrate knowledge and familiarity with global clients.

System Requirements

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Product Expiration

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