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Product Overview

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Home Partners of America ™ offers a “Lease with a Right to Purchase” program which provides responsible households who are not ready to purchase a home with a clear and transparent path to homeownership. A qualified household can select a home in an approved community and elect to rent for up to five years in most markets. The household can purchase the home at any time during their residency. Agents earn a commission representing Home Partners of America on the purchase of the home!

Benefits to the Real Estate Agent:

  • Convert a rental commission into a sale commission
  • Broaden the base of potential customers
  • Expand the range of choice of homes for customers

Model Built on Transparency and Flexibility

After being approved through Home Partners’ application process, prospective residents work with licensed real estate agents of their choosing to select the right home for them from a wide portfolio of properties across the country. Home Partners purchases the home, providing rent and purchase price certainty for an agreed-upon timeframe, usually between three to five years. The resident’s only financial commitment is to lease the house for one year, with further lease renewals or with the opportunity to purchase at any point in time during their residency.

The program focuses on acquiring homes in communities with schools ranked in the top half of the market based on published rankings, where there are historically few homes available for rent, but a significantly larger number of homes for sale. Home Partners believes this strategy maximizes the likelihood of long-term home appreciation, empowering Home Partners’ business model while building a foundation for customers’ long-term financial success.

Home Partners approves residents for a monthly lease approval amount that it believes is conducive to long-term financial success in obtaining a mortgage.