REALTOR® Safety Program

NAR’s REALTOR® Safety Program helps members understand the risks they face while on the job through knowledge, awareness and empowerment. These are the core components of REALTOR® Safety.

About NAR’s REALTOR® Safety Program:

To help remind us to know the dangers we face every day, to be aware of our surroundings, and empower ourselves with precautions and preparations so that we can avoid risky situations, and as part of NAR's ongoing efforts to keep our members safe, every year we dedicate September to safety efforts. While September has been designated REALTOR® Safety month, it’s important to keep safety top of mind all year round, which is why NAR has developed REALTOR® Safety materials for use throughout year, including:

  • A Safety course in classroom and online format—the online course format is available for you here below.
  • Webinars on REALTOR® Safety, presented by industry experts—the archived webinars are available for you here below.
  • Articles, reports, presentations, videos, weekly social media tips, web banners, flyers, and other resources are available for REALTORS®, associations, and brokerages on the REALTOR® Safety Program section of NAR’s web site.

For more information:

Real Estate Safety Matters: Safe Business = Smart Business
Price: $ 0.00  3.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: Are You & Your Data an Easy Target?
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: First Meetings - How to Lay the Groundwork for Safety
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: Holiday Season Safety Tips
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: How to Detect and Redirect Unwanted Attention from Past, Present or Potential Clients
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: Identity Theft - Protecting You and Your Clients
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: Open House and Listing Appointment Safety
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: Personal Safety is all about You
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: Safe Selling in the Most Dangerous Season
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: Safety Tips to Share with Sellers
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: Social Media and Cyber Safety
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Series: Top 10 Ways to Keep You & Your Clients Safe at Open Houses
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Webinar: Every Agent's Five-Step Plan for Open Houses
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Webinar: Get Smart about Smart Homes and Your Safety
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Webinar: Learning to Remove Dangers and Work Safely at Foreclosures and Distressed Properties
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Webinar: Professional, Profitable and Protected
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)
REALTOR® Safety Webinar: REALTOR® Safety from a Law Enforcement Perspective
Price: $ 0.00  1.00 Hour(s)