Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation

Education and experience are what being a Residential Real Estate Council (RRC) is all about; they are both the foundation of the CRS designation and, together, will lead you down the path to success. Whether you’re new to the business and still building productivity or an experienced sales agent with high production; and whether you’re in a high-priced market or a low one, RRC offers a plan to meet your level of experience, market profile, and personal learning preferences.

How to earn the CRS designation:

  • Option A: 75 transactions or $25M in 5 years, and 64 education credits
  • Option B: 25 transactions or $8M in 2 years with 10 transactions, and 80 education credits
  • Pro-Program: 150 transactions or average of $1M per year with 40 transactions, and 16 education credits
  • Manager: Directly oversee 400 transactions or $80M in 4 years of real estate management, and 80 education credits

Is there a fee to become designated?

There is a one-time application fee of $75.

How much are the annual membership dues?

Annual member dues are $195. In order to continue to use the CRS Designation, you must continue to pay your annual membership dues.

For more information:



CRS: Managing Your Online Presence
Price: $ 50.00  2.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Marketing 6 Hour Bundle
Price: $ 135.00  6.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Mega Marketing 14 Hour Bundle
Price: $ 292.50  14.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Navigating the Social Media Maze
Price: $ 50.00  2.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Negotiations: Understanding People
Price: $ 50.00  2.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Property Management Essentials
Price: $ 50.00  2.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Putting Technology to Work for Your Clients
Price: $ 175.00  8.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Running Your Business in the Cloud
Price: $ 50.00  2.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Smart Home Technologies for the Residential Specialist
Price: $ 50.00  2.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Strategies to Finance Your Real Estate Business
Price: $ 50.00  2.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Systems for Agent Safety
Price: $ 29.00  2.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Top of Mind Awareness
Price: $ 50.00  2.00 Hour(s)
CRS: Video Marketing to Enhance Your Business
Price: $ 50.00  2.00 Hour(s)