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REALTOR® University brings you both "live" and archived webinars enabling you to learn at anytime from anywhere. You now have access to cutting-edge topics from the nation's top real estate minds at your fingertips! More >

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These short videos average 3 minutes in length and finally give you a chance to make time for exciting new real estate ideas every day, week and month. And do all this from the comfort of your home or office. More >

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Real estate agent coaching has been proven to increase performance levels by 20% or more, even for the most experienced professionals. Statistics show that 10% of all Agents do 90% of the Real Estate.

Successful coaching has 3 elements yet one or more of these elements is missing in most coaching programs: Attitude and Psychology; Methodology; Goals and Measured Results...More >

Joeann Fossland

You’ll experience the benefits of coaching and masterminding efectivelly.