The Saskatchewan Travel Insurance Exam

The General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan (GICS) sets standards for applicants and licensees in the insurance industry that promotes professionalism, competence and integrity. The GICS also serves as a link between the insurance industry and the consumers of insurance products and services. 

The General Insurance Council Bylaws require all applicants for a Restricted Travel Insurance License to pass the provincial travel insurance Qualifying Exam prior to applying for a license. The Qualifying Exam will test the applicant’s knowledge of travel insurance, the insurance industry and the applicant’s role in selling travel insurance. 

In addition to the Saskatchewan Travel Insurance Qualifying Exam, Saskatchewan residents must write the Travel Bylaw Exam. The Travel Bylaw Exam will primarily focus on the obligations and conduct of a licensed agent or salesperson.

Steps to Register


  1. Candidate must look for a Proctor (i.e. someone to supervise his/her exam). Candidate may look for someone on his/her own or may choose to contact one of our listed Proctored Venues below.
  2. Candidate must set up an exam date, time and venue after consulting with Proctor. Because it’s an online exam, the candidate can write anywhere as long as he/she has a computer available. We suggest that candidates give themselves at least two weeks to study when scheduling an exam date.
  3. Candidate must register by clicking here.
  4. Once registration is submitted and payment is processed, ACTA will immediately send the candidate an official receipt followed by the mailing of a hard copy of the Study Manual via regular mail to help candidates prepare for the SK Qualifying Exam. If the candidate will be writing the Bylaw Exam as well, please note that it is “open book” exam. ACTA will provide your Proctor with copies of the Bylaws to be given to each candidate at the start of the exam. 

The Saskatchewan Travel Insurance Qualifying Course and Exam

The General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan had contracted the former Canadian Institute of Travel (CITC), now owned by Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA), to develop a course of study for those who wish to obtain a Restricted Travel Insurance License. The course of study explains details about travel insurance and assists the applicant to better understand the insurance industry and their role in selling travel insurance.

The course includes the following information:

  • An explanation of the need for travel insurance
  • How the travel insurance industry is structured in Canada
  • The types of distribution models
  • The people, the key elements and the classes of insurance
  • Travel insurance products
  • The regulatory bodies for insurance
  • The selling of travel insurance products
  • Policies, services and claims
  • Terminology and resources for insurance
  • Online SK Insurance Exam Information
  • Pen & Paper SK Insurance Exam

If you do not have access to a computer, a paper copy of the Qualifying Exam as well as the Bylaw Exam can be ordered directly from the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan. Council will continue to offer exam sittings in Regina, Prince Albert and Saskatoon on a weekly basis.

Steps to register for the Pen and Paper copy – Qualifying Exam

  • Only applicants who will be writing the Pen and Paper exam for the Qualifying Exam are advised to download the Exam Study Manual order form to purchase the mandatory study manual. The cost of the Saskatchewan Travel Insurance Qualifying Course Manual is $54 plus applicable taxes and mailing costs; and is only available through ACTA. The cost includes a hard-copy, coil-bound edition of the manual.
  • Applicants may then register to write the mandatory Saskatchewan Travel Insurance Qualifying Exam by obtaining an Exam Application from or by contacting Cindy Swales at 306.347.0862.
  • The cost to write the Pen and Paper Qualifying Exam is $55.00. The receipt obtained from ACTA is required to register for the Saskatchewan Travel Insurance Qualifying Exam.

Steps to register for the Pen and Paper copy – Bylaw Exam

  • The cost to write the Council mandated Pen and Paper Travel Bylaw Exam is $55.00.
  • The cost to write both the Pen and Paper qualification exam and bylaw exam at one exam session is $75.00.
  • Exam application forms can be obtained from or by calling the Licensing Exam Coordinator Cindy Swales at 306.347.0862.


Exam candidates may write the SK Qualifying/Bylaw Exams anytime they please and anywhere they please, as long as they have the proper equipment and an approved proctor to supervise the process.

Proctor Application Form

The SK Proctor Application form can be downloaded here.

If you choose to write in an agency or office, you must ensure that the proctor can clearly see all the exam candidates at the same time. Venues where people are tucked away in cubicles or offices may need to have 2-3 proctors to supervise the exam. Also, if writing in an office/agency/home, the desks used to write the exam must be clear of all papers, files and books.

ACTA has put together a list of Proctored Venues that some candidates may find convenient. Each venue lists specific dates on which they can accommodate candidates to write the exam in their facility, using the facility's computers and using an approved proctor. Exam candidates interested in using a proctored venue, rather than making their own individual or group arrangements, should review the information provided by the venue and then contact the venue directly to make arrangement.

Please note that candidates who wish to write in a Proctored Venue must still register with ACTA to write the exam. Registration must take place a minimum of 10 business days before the actual writing date of the exam. Please check the link next to the Proctored Venue before you register to ensure that there is room on the date and time you wish to write before you register with ACTA.

The following schools are offering proctored venues for the writing of the SK Qualifying and/or Bylaw Exam. Each School has its own procedures and fee in place. Any applicable proctor fees are paid directly to the Venue and are separate from the exam registration fee that is paid to ACTA.

If you are managing a Proctored venue or are interested in offering a venue for writing the SK Insurance Exams and would like to know more about the procedures to follow, please contact us at

Proctor Venues

Loyalist College
376 Wallbridge-Loyalist Road, Belleville, Ontario K8N 5B9
T: (613) 969-1376 ext. 2100
F: (613) 962-1376
Toll Free: 1-888-569-2547

Lethbridge College 
3000 College Drive South, Lethbridge, AB T1K 1L6
T: (403) 320-3368

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Room 2.103 - 600 Saskatchewan Street and 6th Avenue NW 
T: (306) 691-8302 
Toll Free: 1-866-467-4278

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Technical Building, Room A127 - 1100 15th Street East Room, Prince Albert,
SK S6V 6G1
T: (306)765-1542 E:

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Room 422C – 1130 Idylwyld Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3R5
T: (306) 659-4045

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
1130 Idylwyld Drive
Room 422C
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3R5
Tel. 306-659-4045

IBT College
50 St Clair Ave. East, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON M4T 1M9
T: (416) 963-1211 E:

Preparation for the Qualifying Exam

For the SK Travel Qualifying Exam, the main study tool is the Study Manual. A hard copy of the Manual will be sent by regular mail to the candidate upon receipt of the online registration. Once the registration fee is processed, the Manual will be mailed out. 

The following online training webinar has been designed as an additional study tool. The purpose is to aid the candidate to better understand the content of the course as well as the exam. Recorded Webinar on SK Insurance

Preparation for the Bylaw Exam: NEW! Now an ''open-book'' exam

The following are the study materials for this exam:

  • General Insurance Council Bylaws of January 2007
  • Important Notice Re: Bylaw Examination, March 2010

Your Proctor will be given a copy of the above material to give to you before starting your exam.

SK Insurance Exam Re-Writes

A person is allowed to attempt each examination a maximum of three times in any six month period. Examination attempts made in any jurisdiction during the same six month period shall be counted in the three attempts. 

To register for a rewrite of the exam, please complete the online registration form. 

Re-write fees: $45.00 + applicable taxes. 

Any applicable Proctor fees are the responsibility of the candidate. If you are writing in a Proctored Venue, please contact venue first to ensure there is room for you on your chosen date before you register for your rewrite. 

Rescheduling & Cancellations

If you are unable to write the exam on the originally scheduled day, ACTA must be notified in writing a minimum of 8 days prior to your scheduled exam sitting. There is a $25.00 + applicable tax change fee per event. 

Change Fee per Event

If your plans change on the day of the exam, there is no refund of the exam fee and the candidate must re-register at the full fee. Regarding cancellations, if a request is received a minimum of 8 days from the originally scheduled exam date, ACTA will charge $25.00 + applicable tax. For example, if a candidate is registered for the Qualifying Exam and needs to cancel, ACTA will refund the difference of $45.00 plus tax (Study Manual fee of $54 is not refundable) 

If a request is received within 8 days of the originally scheduled exam date, ACTA will charge $25.00 + applicable tax. For example, if a candidate is registered for the Qualifying Exam and needs to cancel, ACTA will refund the difference of $30.00 plus tax. (Study Manual fee of $54 is not refundable) 

If a medical condition is involved, a Medical Note must be submitted to ACTA within 2 business days of the original assigned exam date to allow for consideration of waving the Change Fee. Medical cancellations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Exam Registration

  • On-line Qualifying Exam: $109.00 + applicable taxes - please complete online registration form. Any applicable proctor fee is a matter between the candidate and the proctor and does not involve ACTA.
  • Online Bylaw Exam: $55.00 + applicable taxes - please complete online registration form. Any applicable proctor fee is a matter between the candidate and the proctor and does not involve ACTA.
  • Bundled Package: $160.00 + applicable taxes - please complete online registration form. If you are writing both the Online Qualifying Exam and Bylaw exam in one sitting, you are eligible for this discount. Any applicable proctor fee is a matter between the candidate and the proctor and does not involve ACTA.
  • Study Manual - Hard Copy Regular Mail: Included with Exam Registration / Study manuals are non-refundable.
  • Rescheduling or Cancellations 6 or more business days in advance of Exam Date: $25.00 + applicable taxes.
  • Rescheduling within 5 business days of the scheduled Exam Date: $35.00 + applicable taxes.
  • Cancellations within 5 business days of the scheduled Exam Date: No Refund.
  • Cancellations or 'no-shows' on the day of scheduled exam: No refund. Candidate must re-register at full fee.
  • Re-writes: $45.00 + applicable taxes.
  • Re-order Pass or Fail Letters (PDF Format): $25.00 + applicable taxes.